NWRA Federal Affairs Alert: Forest Service To Put Groundwater Management Proposal on Hold

National Water Resources Association

February 26, 2015



To:       NWRA Federal Affairs Committee

From:   Ian Lyle, NWRA Director of  Federal Affairs

RE:      Forest Service Ground Water Proposal

Federal Affairs Committee Members,At a Senate Energy Committee hearing earlier today Forest Service Chief Tidwell indicated that the Forest Service would be putting its controversial Groundwater Management Proposal on hold.  Chief Tidwell also indicated that the Forest Service will be reaching out to States to get their input.

Chief Tidwell’s comments came in response to a question from Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO).  In his question Senator Gardner specifically noted that the National Water Resources Association was concerned about the proposal.

Prior to today’s hearing we had heard rumors that the Forest Service was looking at putting the proposal on hold but it is very good to have them state it for the record.

We will continue to work to ensure that the Forest Service works with Congress, the States and stakeholders like NWRA to address concerns with the proposal.

A copy of today’s hearing can be found HERE.  The exchange about the groundwater proposal can be found at the one hour, twenty-one minute mark.

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