Videos Posted from the PPIC Managing Drought Event

  • by BPC Staff
  • on January 16, 2015

Video footage from the PPIC Managing Drought event held on January 12, 2015 have been posted here.

The keynote speakers and expert panelists at PPIC’s Managing Drought conference this week emphasized that there is much to do to make California more drought resilient. Climatologist Mike Anderson’s description of the state’s future made the challenges clear. Panelists throughout the day talked about the difficult tradeoffs California has yet to make in managing urban and agricultural scarcity, conserving ecosystems, and allocating water.

But the discussions also highlighted a path forward. Keynote speaker Jane Doolan described lessons California can learn from Australia’s experience with its millennium drought. And our legislator panelists pointed out that California has begun to make reforms in water management that—with diligent oversight—the state can build on.

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