Response requested: Scheduling the next MUN Evaluation in Ag Dominated Water Bodies meeting

  • by BPC Staff
  • on November 24, 2014

This is a message from the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Valley (5)

This is an update on the “Evaluation of the Municipal and Domestic Supply (MUN) Beneficial Use in Ag Dominated Surface Waters” project. Thank you to those of you who attended the September 26th stakeholder meeting. Meeting notes have been posted on the Water Board website. The final calendar for the 2015 Central Valley Water Board meetings has been adopted, and the MUN evaluation project timeline has been updated as follows:

Sacramento POTW (cities of Biggs, Colusa, Live Oak and Willows) Basin Plan Amendment:

Board meeting for a hearing – February (5/6) 2015 in Rancho Cordova

Board meeting for adoption – April (9/10) 2015 in Fresno

Region-wide MUN Evaluation Process Basin Plan Amendment:

Board workshop – April (9/10) 2015 in Fresno

Because of this shift in the project schedule, it was decided to postpone the next stakeholder meeting until January 2015. This will be a half day meeting focused on the Sacramento POTW Basin Plan Amendment. A completed draft Staff Report will be available to the public by that time. However, The Water Board needs your help scheduling the meeting so please take a few seconds to fill in your own availability using the Meet-o-Matic link below:


Monday 5th January 2015: AM

Monday 5th January 2015: PM

Tuesday 6th January 2015: AM

Tuesday 6th January 2015: PM

Friday 9th January 2015: PM

Tuesday 13th January 2015: PM

Wednesday 14th January 2015: AM

Wednesday 14th January 2015: PM

Thursday 15th January 2015: AM

Thursday 15th January 2015: PM

Friday 16th January 2015: AM

Friday 16th January 2015: PM

Please note that the morning option is  9 am to 12 pm and the afternoon option is 1 pm to 4 pm.

The Water Board is planning on conducting another stakeholder meeting after the February board meeting to discuss the Region-wide MUN evaluation process amendment in preparation for the workshop in April.

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