Upcoming ACWA Region Tours & Programs – Registration Now Open

  • by BPC Staff
  • on September 25, 2014

ACWA Regions are in full swing planning a line-up of fall events that are sure to be a hit!

The region programs are geared to educate and inform ACWA members on local and statewide water issues. These informational programs offer presentations from local water leaders, state legislators and industry experts, as well as provide tours and discussions on innovative local projects. Some of the topics on deck this fall include, climate change, watershed sustainability, flood control, conservation, water recycling and much more!

Registration now open for these exciting ACWA Region events

October 17 | ACWA Regions 6 & 7 joint program, San Joaquin Valley Water Forum:The San Joaquin regions are planning their annual water forum in Visalia this fall. The forum will feature a legislative panel with the Valley’s Capitol representatives, preceded bya panel of local and state level water industry experts who will reflect on the legislative session that just came to a close, the water bond on the November Ballot, and what the legislature has set forth for future management to achieve groundwater sustainability. Registration availablehttp://www.acwa.com/ACWARegions6_7<http://link.coremotivesmarketing.com/c/306/add396f51e2113f903d9a2faa42ff6cc608229a320284fed74a05db6f3031d22>, preliminary Agenda available HERE<http://link.coremotivesmarketing.com/c/306/add396f51e2113f903d9a2faa42ff6cc608229a320284fede80105a4d5c7b308>.

October 19 & 20 | ACWA Region 5 tour & program, Creative Approaches to Watershed Reliability in the Tri-Valley:Region 5 will host its fall event in Livermore to focus on outside the-box approaches to watershed sustainability. Plan to attend this program and hear regional insights on imported water, aquifer management, flood control, conservation, and water recycling. The Monday program will be preceded by a tour of Del Valle Pumping Plant and networking opportunity on Sunday. Registration available atwww.acwa.com/ACWARegion5<http://link.coremotivesmarketing.com/c/306/add396f51e2113f903d9a2faa42ff6cc608229a320284feda0e57d771423872f>, preliminary agenda availableHERE<http://link.coremotivesmarketing.com/c/306/add396f51e2113f903d9a2faa42ff6cc608229a320284fed22314c1ce1743ec1>.

October 26 & 27 | ACWA Regions 8, 9, & 10 Tour and Program,Local Paths to Reliability Mark your calendars for this joint region program and tour. Attendees will have will hear presentations about local conservation efforts and other water supply reliability programs in the Regions 8, 9 & 10. Registration availablehttp://www.acwa.com/Regions8_9_10<http://link.coremotivesmarketing.com/c/306/add396f51e2113f903d9a2faa42ff6cc608229a320284feda33ae73a93a2c0f5> , preliminary agenda available HERE<http://link.coremotivesmarketing.com/c/306/add396f51e2113f903d9a2faa42ff6cc608229a320284fed5c2441b56bccc296>.

Questions? Contact Regional Affairs Representative Katie Dahl atkatied@acwa.com<mailto:katied@acwa.com> or Region & Member Services Specialist Ana Torres atanat@acwa.com<mailto:anat@acwa.com> or call (916) 441-4545. For more information visit http://www.acwa.com/content/acwa-regions<http://link.coremotivesmarketing.com/c/306/add396f51e2113f903d9a2faa42ff6cc608229a320284feda002e84b1da73382> .

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