CalDesal 3rd Annual Conference, October 6 & 7, 2014 in Monterey, CA — Education Session I – Salt Belongs on Our Food, Not in Our Water Supply

3rd Annual Conference
October 6 & 7, 2014 – Portola Hotel& Spa, Monterey, CA
Salt belongs on our food, not in our water supply. Some groundwater basins in the state contain salts and nutrients that exceed or threaten to exceed water quality objectives established in the applicable Water Quality Control Plans (Basin Plans), and not all Basin Plans include adequate implementation procedures for achieving or ensuring compliance with the water quality objectives for salt or nutrients. The Recycled Water Policy adopted by the State Water Resources Control Board in February 2009 (and amended in April 2013) requires that Salt and Nutrient Management Plans be completed on a basin-wide or watershed-wide basis in a manner that ensures attainment of water quality objectives and protection of beneficial uses, and requires stakeholders to develop implementation plans to meet these objectives for salts and nutrients.

Learn how this policy works in the real world: from the perspective of the regulator, a technical preparer of the plan, water agency managers and from the agricultural community.

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Moderator Eric Zigas 
is a Geographer/Planner by training, and is the Director of Environmental Science Associates’ Water Group in the Bay Area. Eric holds a B.A. in Geography from SUNY at Buffalo and has served as project director or project manager on numerous water resources planning assignments over the past 30+ years. Eric has been involved in several projects on California’s Central Coast and has prepared a considerable amount of environmental documentation to meet CEQA and NEPA requirements: he was project director for a Soquel Creek Water District’s Well Master Plan EIR; he was project manager for developing “Plan B”, the legislatively mandated predecessor to the Coastal Water Project; he was the Project Director and Manager for the Coastal Water Project EIR; and he is currently directing the preparation of the EIR for the CalAm Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project.

Panelist Kurt Arends  
graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering and has Master’s Degrees in Engineering and Public Administration.  After 20 year with the Santa Clara Valley Water District, he joined the Zone 7 Water Agency in 2007 where he is currently the Assistant General Manager of Engineering and Operation. In addition to overseeing the operation and maintenance of the water utility, he also oversees all capital design and construction, water quality, flood control and the groundwater management section which is responsible for monitoring and managing the regions groundwater basin including salt and nutrient management.

Panelist Mary Bannister 
RG, CEG, General Manager, Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency (, is a state of California registered geologist (RG) and certified engineering geologist (CEG) with a background in ground water management, contamination and supply projects. Ms. Bannister earned her bachelor degree in Earth Science from UC Santa Cruz. Ms. Bannister served as Technical Division Manager at PVWMA nine years prior to being named Interim General Manager and then General Manager, serving in those positions over the last several years. There were numerous challenges facing the Agency when she took on the leadership role including several lawsuits challenging the Agency’s rate structure.  Ms. Bannister has successfully led the Agency and the Pajaro Valley community through the rigorous Proposition 218 rate process and is preparing to rebuild the Agency and restore the groundwater basin in one of the most fertile agricultural communities in the state and country.

Panelist Matthew Keeling 
received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and a Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Oregon State University.   Matthew’s education and research focus was on municipal wastewater treatment theory and design, and groundwater fate and transport of chemicals with an emphasis on the in-situ biological remediation of chlorinated solvents. Matthew spent two years in the private sector as a consultant for municipal wastewater projects before working at the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board. Matthew has worked at the Water Board for fourteen years in a number of capacities, including the Underground Storage Tank and Site Cleanup Programs and the Waste Discharge Permitting and NPDES Permitting programs. Matthew has more recently acted as the Water Board Clean Groundwater Team project leader and as a regional groundwater quality technical advisor and coordinator for various Water Board programs, including the implementation of the Recycled Water Policy for the locally driven development of salt and nutrient management plans. Matthew is currently developing a regional Groundwater Assessment and Protection program for the Central Coast Region.
Panelist Brian Lockwood

is the Senior Hydrologist at the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency ( adjacent to the Monterey Bay in Central California.  He leads the basin monitoring and water quality programs providing technical analysis, review, and oversight for projects related to managed aquifer recharge, seawater intrusion, groundwater quality, conjunctive use, hydrologic modeling, recycled water and groundwater production. Brian earned his B.S. and M.Sc. degrees from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and is a California Professional Geologist, with over 10 years of experience of surface and groundwater investigations.

Panelist Kirk Schmidt 
is the Executive Director of Central Coast Water Quality Preservation, Inc., an environmental non-profit founded by farmers to improve surface water quality in agricultural areas in the Central Coast. He is also the co-chair for the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency Basin Management Plan committee and Ad-hoc Funding committee. He is past chair of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council and the Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau. He owned and managed Quail Mountain Herbs, an agricultural grower/shipper for 25 years. Mr. Schmidt received a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley and a J.D. from Santa Clara University.
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