Golden State Water Summit & Pre-Sumit Briefing on California Desal

  • by BPC Staff
  • on May 27, 2014

2013 was California’s driest year on record since 1895. A water bond likely worth more than 8 billion on the ballot for November 2014 will help, and the state water plan just released in October set goals for alleviating problems including worsening water scarcity, uncertain water supplies, and declining groundwater levels and contaminated drinking water. But with the severity of the drought, can those efforts amount to more than just a drop in the bucket?

With drought the “new normal” in the state, it’s vital that Californians redefine how we use water. New water-supply projects are needed to fix or alleviate shortages. Industry needs to find ways to conserve and reuse water wherever possible, while learning how to better allocate competing interests. All stakeholders will need to capitalize on today’s best thinking and leverage that knowledge into creating opportunities in water infrastructure development to meet California’s urgent water needs.

To provide up-to-the minute information and the opportunity to make the connections you’ll need to utilize it, Infocast has developed the Golden State Water Summit, June 17-19, 2014 in Sacramento, CA. This a unique chance to meet with first-movers and leaders in California water to assess the opportunities, funding, technologies and project development essential to moving the development of critically-needed California water infrastructure forward. Learn what others are doing and where the best opportunities are in order to be part of this exciting new phase in California’s water revolution.

In addition, a Pre-Summit Briefing: Opportunities in California Desal will showcase the desalination efforts currently being advanced by stakeholders in California to combat this prolonged drought. This briefing will provise insights into California desal opportunities, projects, and technologies and hear from the following leading industry participants making advancements in the desalination process.

For full details, please visit the Golden State Water Summit webpage.