Storm Water Management Services

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  • on June 18, 2012



Weiss Associates provides customized storm water solutions ranging from simple storm water plans to complex hydrologic and hydrogeologic assessments requiring sophisticated modeling. We develop innovative approaches to help our clients comply with regulations on schedule and at low lifecycle costs. With a highly qualified staff and a strong interest in sustainability, Weiss creates long‑term solutions that have small environmental footprints and meet our clients’ budgetary constraints.



General Storm Water Management

Weiss’s depth of expertise in hydrologic and hydrogeologic assessments, along with our strong modeling skills, allows us to evaluate storm water impacts for projects that require California Environmental Quality Act/National Environmental Policy Act evaluations. 


Construction General Permits

Construction projects that disturb 1 or more acres of soil must comply with the California State Water Resources Board’s General Permit for Storm Water Discharges Associated with Construction and Land Disturbance Activities (Order No. 2010-0014-DWQ). Weiss assists developers and property owners in managing storm water runoff from construction projects.

Industrial General Permits

Weiss has assisted industrial facilities, from high-technology research laboratories to metal recycling facilities and refineries, in complying with the requirements of the Industrial General Permits . We develop customized programs and site-specific or group monitoring plans to meet clients’ operational constraints. 

Municipal Permits

Weiss has a long history of assisting municipal and institutional clients, including counties, ports, and city departments, with environmental services. We support municipalities, agencies, and non-traditional Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems in developing, implementing, and maintaining a Storm Water Management Program in compliance with the Phase II Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems General Permit. We help developers and architects comply with the requirements of the Municipal Regional Permit for the San Francisco Bay Area. 

About Weiss Associates
Weiss is a State of California-certified small business and a small business under Federal North American Industry Classification System code 562910 for remediation services, 54620 for environmental consulting services and 541330 for engineering services. Weiss holds a California Class A General Engineering Contractor’s License with Hazardous Substances Removal and Remedial Actions Certification and a C-57 Water Well Driller’s License, enabling us to provide a broad range of field capabilities, from environmental sample collection to remediation. Our staff holds all requisite certifications to support storm water projects.


Scott Bourne, P.E. QSD