Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment Training

Training workshops are available to help agencies and organizations plan and conduct critical infrastructure vulnerability assessments. More information here.

Larkspur Ferry Terminal parking fee under consideration

Larkspur Ferry Terminal.01.09.12

Cleanup Program Document for Formal Naval Station Treasure Island

Cleanup Program Document Available for Former Naval Station Treasure Island

The Dutra Group has acquired the Stuyvesant, the second largest dredging vessel in the U.S.

The Dutra Group Acquires Dredge Vessel.01.03.12

Changes coming to Port of Redwood City

Changes coming to Port of Redwood City.01.03.12


IMPORTANT MEETING TONIGHT, OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL   Item # 16, regarding the Resolution to support the Port of Oakland will likely be heard at 6:30 p.m. You can sign up to speak at the meeting, or via this link:

Wetlands: CEQA's Limits

From Baird to Ballona Wetlands: CEQA’s logical limits December 14, 2011 by Arthur Coon It’s a common error in logic to suppose that because two things are in spatial or temporal proximity, one must be the cause of the other – a confusion of cause and affect.  A line of CEQA cases – beginning with […]

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Army Corps' Economic Analysis for Issuance of Wetlands Permit

Thank you to Perkins Coie for providing this important U.S. District Court decision.Update_11-12-19_Federal Appeals Court Upholds Army Corps’ Economic Analysis

Feds Propose Policy to Modify Implementation of ESA

The public is invited to comment on the policy, proposed by the Interior Department’s U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA Fisheries), the two federal agencies responsible for administering the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Comments will be accepted for the next 60 days.  Read the entire article on the […]

State Water Board Releases Final Guidance for Complying with Water Diversion Measurement Requirements for Statement Holders

December 15, 2011 This document provides guidance on how to comply with the water diversion measurement requirements under the California Water Code for diverters of water who file Statements of Water Diversion and Use (Statement). According to the State Water Resources Control Board’s (State Water Board) records, you filed a Statement or requested notification of […]