4th Annual CEQA Update is a Success

Our annual CEQA Update Expert Briefing took place on Wednesday, October 5, at the Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean office in Oakland. The 4th event of its kind, the CEQA Update is an opportunity to hear from a panel of experts on the topics of legislation and policy developments pertaining to land use in California, […]

Prop 53 Undermines Local Control

The Bay Planning Coalition officially opposes Proposition 53 (Voter Approval Requirement for Revenue Bonds over $2 Billion). If passed, Prop 53 would compromise local control of community infrastructure projects, placing some local projects at the mercy of a statewide vote. This means that residents of the Los Angeles area would be voting to approve funding […]

BPC Board Votes to Support Measure RR and Prop 67

This week Bay Planning Coalition’s (BPC) Board of Directors officially weighed in on three measures that will be on the ballot in November. BPC is supporting Measure RR, the BART Bond, and Prop 67, the Plastic Bag Ban Veto Referendum. We are opposing Prop 65, the Carryout Bag Change Initiative. We encourage everyone to read through the extensive voter information pamphlet that will be […]

Sea Level Rise: Call to Action for Region’s Tech Companies

A mid-range projection from the National Research Council estimates nearly three feet of sea level rise in the Bay by the year 2100. If such projections are realized, many built environments on the Bay’s shoreline are endangered of being flooded, including roads, sewage treatment plants, and airports. Measure AA, passed in June 2016 with 69% […]

California’s Dramatic Fire Season Roars Ahead

With USA Today reporting that there have already been 4,200 fires throughout the state of California this year, it comes as little surprise that, according to Southern California Public Radio, Cal Fire has already spent 40 percent of its firefighting budget for the year – a budget that was expanded to $165 million in anticipation […]

Efforts for Energy Production from Offshore Wind Ramping Up in U.S.

It seems that now more than ever there is a push for clean and renewable energy in the United States and abroad. For example, President Obama met earlier this year with leaders from Mexico and Canada to discuss an ambitious new goal for generating carbon-free power, which includes a target of 50% electricity generation from […]

Transportation Funding: Local and Regional Government Picking Up Where State Left Off

Earlier this year, state transportation officials announced a 38% ($754 million) funding cut to transportation projects over a course of five years – the deepest reduction California has seen in two decades. With numerous Bay Area projects on the line, ranging from bike lanes to highways, officials say it is now up to local and regional governments […]

New Reporting Highlights Risk of “The Big One” Striking on the Hayward Fault at Any Time

Bay Area residents are unilaterally aware that earthquakes pose a real risk to California and the Bay Area. Many of us were here when the Loma Prieta Earthquake struck in 1989, killing 63 people and causing severe damage throughout the region, and we remember what a powerful and unnerving event it was. As a result, […]

What Do These Fires Mean for the Bay?

‘Tis the season. The California fire season, that is. Summer is upon us and so are the fires. Nearly 30,000 acres are ablaze in the Big Sur region and have claimed over 30 homes as well as the life of a bulldozer operator whose machine flipped while trying to fight the fire. The forecasted clear […]

Smart Freeways and More

It is safe to say that with the booming economy, the Bay Area is seeing some of the worst traffic congestion in its history. I-80 is regularly voted the the region’s worst commute and carries 270,000 cars each day. Caltrans is doing its best to improve the commute by activating the I-80 Smart Corridor project […]