What’s on the Horizon?

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There will be plenty of opportunities in coming months to get involved with Horizon. We hope you will join us for exciting developments, like the release of the next Perspective Paper and the announcement of the finalists from the Transformative Projects competition. 
Join Us in San Jose on September 26

This month our new event series, Expand Your Horizon: Talks on the Future of the Bay Area, continues on Wednesday, September 26, at WeWork Valley Towers in San Jose. We’ll be taking a closer look at seven strategies for a more mobile Bay Area by 2050, a place where everyone has a suite of travel options to use on demand, regardless of where they work, live and play.
These strategies are explored in more detail in the second Perspective Paper,Toward a Shared Future: Strategies to Reduce Congestion. Part of the Horizon initiative, the Perspective Paper series is designed to identify high-impact policies that support Horizon’s Five Guiding Principles. Each paper will be presented at an Expand Your Horizon: Talks on the Future of the Bay Area event.  
Over 350 BIG, Bold Transportation Ideas
Photo by Karl Nielsen
Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas for BIG, bright, billion-dollar (or more) transportation ideas through the Request for Transformative Projects. We received more than 350 proposals from the members of the public by the September 6 submission deadline.
The Request for Transformative Projects marked the first time that we asked the public to share their ideas for projects that have the potential to redefine transportation in the Bay Area as we know it – and help us create a regional vision for a next-generation transportation system. 
Staff currently are screening submissions received for their feasibility, potential regional benefits and alignment with program goals. Project ideas from individuals, private sector companies and nongovernmental organizations will be judged by a panel of experts, which will recommend the five to 10 ideas that should be considered through Horizon and Plan Bay Area 2050, the next Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy. The public finalists selected by the Horizon “jury” will be announced to the public in late October and will have the opportunity to win a $500 grand prize.
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