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Source: 2017 Verified Circulation Audit and 2016 Readex Reader Survey. Full Report on Request.
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Pacific Marine Expo Nov 16-18
eNavigation Conference Dec 6-7
The nation’s most dynamic, most diverse maritime market is hitting on all cylinders. From ferries to fishing boats, tugs to tourboats.  Marine construction and marine cargo terminal growth …and everything in between. Puget Sound’s maritime industry contributes $5 billion to the local economy every year. If you do business in this market …or want to, our November Pacific Marine Expo issue is the right place for your ad. 
Navigation Technology: Hardware & Software
Cybersecurity, Bridge Resource Management, ECDIS… these topics are all part of the discussion in our preview of our 17th annual eNavigation Conference–the largest operations-oriented navigation event in the nation.  

If you provide navigation hardware, cybersecurity or navigational software, be sure your ad appears in our November issue.
Icebreaking Capacity: Closing the Gap
As the US begins to fully realize its role as an Arctic nation, policymakers are more willing to explore funding our urgent need for additional floating support.  University of Washington Arctic Policy Director Craig Allen explores the evolving economic and policy environment surrounding US icebreaking capacity. This article will be circulated throughout federal funding and policymaking circles. If you support expanding capacity, show that support with an ad in this issue!
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