Wendel Rosen Black and Dean Land Use News for January 25, 2016

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Oakland Proposed Developer Fees Summary

January 25, 2016

Unlike most large Bay Area cities, Oakland has not charged development impact fees to pay for affordable housing, but that is likely to change soon. The ramifications of a proposal to impose fees on new residential and commercial development in Oakland will come into much clearer focus on Jan. 26, 2016 when the Oakland City Council’s Community and Economic Development Committee reviews detailed City staff recommendations on the fees, which are intended to pay for affordable housing, transportation infrastructure and other capital improvements. City staff has proposed a phased approach and different fee levels based on three geographic zones. Finally, staff has set a preferred deadline for when the fees would kick in. While the fees are expected to apply to multifamily construction, townhomes, single-family homes and commercial development, our summary below focuses on multifamily projects.


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