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The Move to LNG: Gaining Momentum for All Ship Types

The use of LNG as a marine fuel has grown rapidly over the past decade and shows no sign of slackening, with a large number of vessel types now either built to operate on LNG, under construction or in the design stage. Several of these are LNG bunkering tankers as use of the fuel begins to build in volume.

The world’s first LNG bunkering vessel was a modified water tanker, built for operation in the Baltic, but a number of purpose-built tankers are now under construction, including several in North America.

In Europe, French LNG containment system specialist GTT has developed a design for a 4,000-cubic meter capacity LNG bunkering vessel that would use tanks with the GTT Mark III Flex Cargo…MORE

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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Story1POLB: Annual TEUs Up 5 Percent
By Mark Edward Nero

Propelled by six consecutive months of rising cargo volumes in the final two quarters of 2015, the Port of Long Beach says it recovered from systemic congestion and cargo diversion in the first quarter to deliver one of its strongest results on record last year. (Read full article)

Story2Study: Port Development Could Mean 5,000 Jobs
By Mark Edward Nero

On Jan. 11, the Port of Prince Rupert released a study projecting that when fully realized, its development plan could generate almost 5,000 new jobs in northern British Columbia directly related to port activity.(Read full article)

Story3Canadian Provinces Ink Maritime Training Deal
By Mark Edward Nero

On Jan. 13, the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Nova Scotia signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at strengthening workforce cooperation, including innovation and training in the shipbuilding and industrial marine industries. (Read full article)

Story4POLA Annual TEUs Fall Slightly
By Mark Edward Nero

The Port of Los Angeles moved a total of 8,160,457 TEUs in calendar year 2015, a decrease of 2.1 percent from the 8.34 million TEUs the port saw in 2014, but up from the 7.9 million TEUs shipped in 2013. (Read full article)

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