Weiss Celebrates 35 Years of Excellence!


Weiss Celebrates 35 Years of Excellence!

Weiss Associates is celebrating 35 years of providing creative, value-driven solutions for groundwater and soil characterization and remediation, regulatory compliance, and a wide range of other environmental and engineering challenges. “When I’m asked why Weiss has been successful for so many years, my response is threefold: our zealous focus on quality, forging long-term partnerships with our clients, and cultivating a great place to work with interesting projects and growth opportunities for our staff” said Mike Dresen, Weiss’s CEO and Principal Hydrogeologist. “The owners of Weiss Associates sincerely thank our clients and our staff for enabling our company to thrive for 35 years,” he added.
Richard Weiss, founder of Weiss Associates, stated, “I appreciate the opportunity our clients have provided over the years to do the technical work we love while effectively achieving their goals. We look forward to many more years of serving our clients, staff and community.”
Weiss Associates staff prepared lunch for its April 2015 annual company meeting

From its offices in Emeryville, Mountain View, and Livermore, California, Weiss focuses on soil and groundwater characterization and cleanup, with particular strengths and experience with chlorinated volatile organic compounds, PCBs, hexavalent chromium and radionuclides. The firm also has substantial experience with fuel hydrocarbons, metals and dry cleaning solvents, and provides related Phase I and II environmental site assessment, storm water management, risk assessment and air permitting services. Weiss is a CERCLA specialist, and works at 13 of the 48 Superfund sites in the greater Bay Area. The firm has recently been focusing on  construction, industrial and municipal storm water permitting and compliance. In addition, Weiss has been working with continually evolving vapor intrusion guidance, assessment, remediation and enforcement for over 20 years.

For more information please visit www.weiss.com, or contact Mike Dresen or Bob Devany.

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