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September 2015

The Big Picture

California Adaptation Legislation Passes!

(Now on the Governor’s desk)
Governor Brown’s Short and Fabulous Talk at the Vatican
Keeping It In the Ground (setting the real goal), St. Paul, Fierce Opposition, and more! (PDF attached)
Over 50% of budget now goes to fighting fires (up from 16% in 1995)
UCSB-led study on how worst-ever Syrian drought added fuel to the current crisis
Creates Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program with OPR (first time!) coordinating state, regional and local efforts.
Gives more state-level authority on adaptation to Resources Agency and Strategic Growth Council.
Formally links local adaptation planning, hazard mitigation planning and general plans.

First Set of CRI Academic-Practitioner Joint Projects Moving Forward

$4.5 Million Solicitation for California Adaptation Projects Coming (Very) Soon

Natural Systems:
Project: Land Acquisition and Ecosystem Carbon in California (January 2016)
Flooding/Sea Level Rise:
Project: Strategies for Adapting to Long-Term Sea Level Rise in the SF Bay Area
Project: Coastal Flood Protection Infrastructure, Transportation and Governance Networks
Bay Area Health Department Climate Working Group
(CRI + Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative)
Bay Area Climate Impacts Summary (air quality and health focus)
(Coming soon!) Projects under development
GHG Reduction:
(Coming soon!) Projects under development
A request for proposals from the California Resources Agency on 7 adaptation topics will be released soon by the Berkeley Climate & Energy Institute. (CRI is a part of BECI.) Topics will include habitat/wildfires, carbon sequestration on working lands, sea level rise, water security/long droughts, forecasting to support decision-making, emergency management, and funding for adaptation projects.
To receive the notice when it is released: Send an email to:

California GHG Legislation:

Wins and Losses

What is “Co-Production” of Climate Research and Why Is It So Important?

September Spotlight:

Cool Bay Area Projects

SB 32, which would have set new GHG goals for 2030 and 2050, failed in the Assembly.
SB 350, passed, enacting tough new standards for utilities and building energy efficiency, but the critical section to reduce oil use by 50% by 2030 failed after a big campaign by the oil industry.
A terrific 12-page how-to guide on academics and practitioners working TOGETHER to design and carry out research projects.
3 Great, Brand-New Bay and Delta Reports (the work of 100+ scientists)
(See links below to briefings held 9/15 by the San Francisco Estuary Institute)
This generation has altered the composition of the atmosphere on a global scale through radioactive materials and a steady increase in carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels.
– President Lyndon B. Johnson, 1965
See the Daily Climate article (PDF attached here) on LBJ’s special pollution message to Congress in February 1965 including a White House photo op with Roger Revelle, one of our first great climate scientists.
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