Navy League of the United States: Action Alert – Coast Guard Funding

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  • by BPC Staff
  • on February 19, 2015


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The Coast Guard needs your help now.  As you know, the Department of Homeland Security has been on a continuing resolution since October, and its current funding runs out Feb. 27.  Coast Guard active-duty personnel will continue working without pay during the lapse to ensure our safety on the sea, protection from threats delivered by the sea and protection of the sea itself.Asking the Coast Guard to protect us while remaining unpaid is no way to show the gratitude of the American people.  The potential shutdown or even another continuing resolution would have devastating impacts for the Coast Guard.  In addition to bringing down morale, the cost of work on USCG recapitalization efforts would rise as contracts are delayed and new construction cannot begin.  Retirees suffer as well – retiree pay will be withheld from veterans who have served this country honorably.


You can help!  Tell Congress to give DHS a real appropriations bill now.  Click here to quickly and easily email your Senators and Representatives and tell them you think the Coast Guard deserves to get paid.  The link works for everyone, so please forward our message to any friend of the Coast Guard you have.


Thank you,


James H. Offutt

Navy League National President

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