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December 2014 Issue


West Coast Pilots: New Ships, Old Challenges


By Kathy A. Smith


Pilots have been shepherding vessels in and out of harbors for centuries, but overall the job hasn’t changed much. Hazards that have existed for millennia are still around. Most still have to face the unpredictability of an arduous climb up and down the ubiquitous pilot ladder, which is never an easy feat, whether in calm waters or rolling seas. And even with today’s tough rules on rest, these expert navigators must keep their wits about them, despite the advent of technological advances designed to make their job easier…..(More)


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PMM Online – Tuesday, December 9, 2014:

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Willard Marine Licenses Commercial, Military Boat Designs

by Mark Nero

Anaheim, California-based watercraft design, engineering and manufacturing company Willard Marine has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Arkansas-based SeaArk Marine to build all of SeaArk’s commercial and military boat models, the company said Dec. 3….(Read Full Article)



Construction Beginning on Port of Everett Wharf

by Mark Edward Nero

IMCO General Construction is to begin work on a $2.55 million upgrade project at the Port of Everett’s South Terminal later in December to strengthen the wharf to support roll-on/roll-off cargo operations….(Read Full Article)



Metro Vancouver CEO Warns of Industrial Land Shortage

by Mark Edward Nero

Port Metro Vancouver President and Chief Executive Officer Robin Silvester is calling for the creation of an industrial land reserve, saying that the issue of a shrinking industrial land base in Metro Vancouver poses a serious threat to the local and national economies…(Read Full Article)



Port of Kalama Appoints Economic Development Manager

by Mark Edward Nero

The Port of Kalama said Dec. 8 that it has appointed Eric Yakovich to the position of economic development manager….(Read Full Article)




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