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  • by BPC Staff
  • on November 12, 2014

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November 12, 2014

What’s going on along Highway 37?

We’ve gotten a lot of calls about those huge, white foam blocks at the Cullinan Project along Highway 37 and thought you may have seen them and wondered about them too!?

They’re known as geofoamblocks and Ducks Unlimited has been using them in combination with fill to create a gradual slope along the highway in the hopes of helping to prevent future settlement of the road once tidal action returns to the site.  While they’ve been installed, there has  also been construction of an acceleration lane for the safe ingress and egress to Pond 1 where people will soon be able to enjoy the new public access features once Phase III of the project is completed – most likely by the end of this month.   Next comes the breach … so stay tuned for that!

Meanwhile, further west down the highway, the landscape is changing daily at Sears Point as Sonoma Land Trust makes progress on their large-scale restoration process.  Both projects were covered in a story aptly called “Bay Area Wetlands Restoration Going Strong” by ABC7news earlier this year.  If you haven’t already, check it out!

Another great way to find out more about all the work being done to protect and restore the

wetlands along Highway 37 is to listen to our illustrated audio tour housed on our more public-oriented website,  Learn while

you drive between Novato and Vallejo!

THE BIRDS ARE BACK – get out and see them!
If you need some tips on where to go,
Beth Huning offers them here.


GRANTS with deadlines Adult and chick plovers Jack haverty

By November 20:

NMBCA provides resources for migratory landbird conservation as well as funding for migratory birds
that depend upon wetland habitats outside of North America.

By November 30:
2015 Safe, Clean Water and Natural Flood Protection Grant Program

This Grant Program is established to provide funding for research of new and innovative water conservation programs and technologies.

By December 10, 2014
NFWF 2015 Environmental Solutions for Communities program
This five-year initiative is supported through a $15 million contribution from Wells Fargo and will be used to leverage other investments with an expected total impact of over $37.5 million.  Funding priorities include projects that restore and manage natural habitat, improve local water quality & involve citizen participation.

By December 19, 2014
Wetland Restoration for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Grant Program
The grant funds projects that reduce greenhouse gases and provide co-benefits
such as enhancing fish and wildlife habitat, protecting and improving water quality
and quantity and helping California adapt to climate change.

By January 9, 2015
Switzer Environmental Fellowship
The Switzer Fellowship Program offers one-year Fellowships to highly talented graduate students in New England and California whose studies and career goals are directed toward environmental improvement and who clearly demonstrate leadership in their field.  Awardees are granted a $15,000 cash award for academic study along with leadership training.

By January 20, 2015

California Sea Grant supports science-based management, conservation and enhancement of California’s coastal and aquatic resources through research, extension and education.


Clif Bar Family Foundation Small Grants

These small grants average approximately $8000 with priority given to applicants that: protect Earth’s beauty and bounty; create a robust, healthy food system; increase opportunities for outdoor activity; reduce environmental health hazards; and/or build stronger communities.  Grant cycles are quarterly, generally around the 15th of the month

EPA watershed funding

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers a Web site to provide tools, databases, and information about sources of funding to help organizations working to secure adequate resources to achieve the goals of the Clean Water Act and improve our nation’s water quality.


with deadlines

November 17 – Director, San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
November 17
Fish and Wildlife Committee Seats, Contra Costa County

open until filled



November 18 –  How healthy is the CA Coast? Recent findings of a bold new approach

November 19 – Conservation Planning From Tahoe to the Bay

November 19 – Fish and Wildlife Committee meeting

November 20 – Shorebird Survey

November 22 –  Preventing Drought on Sonoma Countys Rangelands

for more events in 2014 please visit our events page


looking ahead into 2015

January 13-15     CNPS 2015 Conservation Conference

February 11-12    Citizen Science 2015

February 19-21   Pacific Seabird Group 42nd Annual Meeting

May 14                 Bay Area Open Space Council 2015 conference

June 22-24          Fish Passage Conference



Beth Huning – Coordinator

Sandra Scoggin – Assistant Coordinator

Caroline Warner – Public Outreach Coordinator 


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