PIANC’s e-newsletter ‘Sailing Ahead’ – October 2014

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  • on October 31, 2014

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October 2014

The past few months have been eventful months for our Association. In October our Delegates travelled to Paris, France for the fall meetings. We were warmly welcomed in the building of Union des Ports de France and Port de Paris hosted lunch after the Council meeting on board of the ‘Cercle de la Mer’, from where we could admire the Eiffel Tower and enjoy a nice view on the Seine River.



Further on in this newsletter you will also learn about the very successful conferences held both in Manila, Philippines and in Iquique, Chile. Thanks to these events, PIANC certainly gained a new spot on the world map! The EnviCom Commissioners travelled all the way to Russia and Finland and as usual, the YP’s haven’t been sitting still either! You will read all about it in this issue of ‘Sailing Ahead’!


Unfortunately, we also received some very sad news from Norway: on October 24, 2014 the ever so charming Mr Arne Fuglum, Honorary Member of PIANC, suddenly passed away during a family vacation. A more extensive obituary will be published in the next e-newsletter. Mr Fuglum will be truly missed and remembered by the PIANC family all over the world. PIANC would like to express its sincere condolences to his loved ones.



News from the 72nd Council Meeting


News from MarCom


·         MarCom meeting in Venice

·         Kick-Off Meeting of MarCom Working Group 171


News from EnviCom


·         Kick-Off of New EnviCom Initiatives in Early 2015

·         September 2014 Meetings of the PTG CC and EnviCom in Finland and Russia

·         1st PIANC Working with Nature Award granted on 33rd PIANC World Congress in San Francisco

·         CEDA-PIANC Workshop ‘Sustainable and Resilient Design and Management of Waterborne Transport Infrastructure’


News from YP-Com


·         18th YP-Com Meeting

·         PIANC YP Meeting in Singapore

·         1st PIANC YP-Com Asian Seminar in Japan

·         PIANC-Japan YP-Com National Meeting


News from the PIANC Community


·         Advertise in the PIANC Yearbook 2014!

·         A New Secretary for PIANC Italy

·         PIANC-SMART Rivers 2015 – Call for Papers

·         Seminario Internacional de Ingeniería y Operación Portuaria (SIOP) 2014 in Chile

·         1st PIANC-PHL Workshop Successfully Held in Manila         

·         Photos 33rd PIANC World Congress in San Francisco Available on Flickr!

·         NordPIANC Meeting 2015

·         Potamology: A Tribute to Honorary Prof. Eng. Jean Jacques Peters




·         Just Shipped

·         Publications Pipeline


On the Calendar


·         International Course ‘Hydraulic Fill Manual’ in Delft

·         International Course ‘Environmental Aspects of Dredging’ in Delft

·         8th International Conference on Asian and Pacific Coasts (APAC 2015)

·         Coasts & Ports 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand

·         CEDA Dredging Days 2015: ‘Innovative Dredging Solutions for Ports’ – Call for Abstracts

·         TransNav 2015




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