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  • by BPC Staff
  • on October 7, 2014


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Information Technology and Marine Software
By Kathy A. Smith
As technology continues to advance, maritime software companies are adapting their products to the demands of today’s generation of mariners, longshoremen and naval architects. From programs that plan container stowage or maintenance routines and inspections to full-fledged ship design software, today’s systems are changing the interactions between hardware, software and the user….(More) 

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   PMM Online – Tuesday, October 7, 2014:
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Congressman Introduces Freight Infrastructure Bill
by Mark Edward Nero
US Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-CA) on Oct. 3 said he has introduced a bill that would annually provide billions of dollars for construction of seaport projects such as on-dock rail, terminals and cargo loading areas…(Read Full Article) 


Port of San Diego Hosting Hull Paint Expo
by Mark Edward Nero
The Port of San Diego is inviting the San Diego Bay boating community to the port’s fourth Eco-Friendly Hull Paint Expo, a free event featuring the latest hull paint products, along with information on proper hull cleaning and boat maintenance…(Read Full Article) 


Port of Everett Adding Harbor Crane
by Mark Edward Nero
The Port of Everett says it will add additional lift capacity to its operations in March 2015 with the purchase of a new, 150-ton GHMK 7608 mobile harbor crane…(Read Full Article) 


Seattle Port to Survey Recreational Fishermen
by Mark Edward Nero
The Port of Seattle says that people who fish or collect shellfish from the Lower Duwamish Waterway may be invited to take part in a voluntary survey over the next year to tell researchers about their fishing habits…..(Read Full Article) 

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