PG&E Energy Advisor — September 2014

  • by BPC Staff
  • on September 11, 2014
Inside: Read up on ways to save water + teach your kids bus and bike safety
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September 2014
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Electric Safety 101 for your kids
Online electrical safety resources for your kids
PG&E’s e-SMARTkids website makes learning about electrical safety fun and engaging. Share our videos, games, and more with your kids this school year.
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Buy an ENERGY-STAR® Most Efficient clothes washer for maximum rebates
Buy an ENERGY-STAR® Most Efficient clothes washer for maximum rebates
When you upgrade your clothes washer to a Most Efficient 2014 model, you can earn up to $200 cash back! Plus, you can save up to 17 gallons of water with every load.
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Water-saving programs and offers from PG&E
Water-saving programs and offers from PG&E
From free energy-efficient products to various rebate offers, PG&E is committed to helping you conserve water and save money. Find out how PG&E helped customers save 1.3 billion gallons of water last year!
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Do your kids practice bus and bike safety?
How to get to school safely
Now’s the time to talk with your kids about getting to and from school safely. Whether they’re taking the bus, riding their bike, or walking, we have some simple safety information that can make a big difference.
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Money-Saving Tips
Money-Saving Tips
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Water Heater Rebates
Did you know new energy-efficient water heaters take less time to heat water? That means there’s less waiting time between showers and laundry loads. Now, when you purchase a qualifying water heater, you can get up to a $500 rebate!
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Water Heater Rebates