Pacific Maritime Magazine News Online for September 30, 2014

  • by BPC Staff
  • on September 30, 2014


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Europe is Breaking the Egg
By John E. Graykowski 
We may soon be able to retire the tiresome “chicken and egg” cliché to describe LNG development, since there has been movement in the last year in Europe and the United States that indicates the circle may be breaking; but it’s too soon to tell whether the movement is temporary or permanent. What is apparent, however, it that Europe has moved forward in a more focused and strategic way, to create LNG infrastructure and markets, which is yielding results. …(More) 

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   PMM Online – Tuesday, September 30, 2014:
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Zim Ship Blocked from Entering Oakland Port
by Mark Edward Nero
A Zim Shipping vessel that was scheduled to unload at the Port of Oakland on Sept. 27 instead departed for Southern California after it was blocked by a group protesting in solidarity with Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip who are directly affected by a recent wave of violence in the region…(Read Full Article) 


Seattle Port, Corps of Engineers, Sign Harbor Deepening Deal
by Mark Edward Nero
On Sept. 29, the US Army Corps of Engineers and Port of Seattle signed an agreement that moves forward a $3 million cost-shared feasibility study to investigate potential port deepening alternatives…(Read Full Article) 


POLB Exec: Chassis Shortage Solution Coming
by Mark Edward Nero
One of the serious ongoing issues for years at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach has been a shortage of chassis for drayage trucks as ocean carriers have stopped providing chassis, forcing the intermodal industry to utilize chassis pools and chassis leasing options….(Read Full Article) 


Port of Hueneme Sets FY Shipping Record
by Mark Edward Nero
The Port of Hueneme realized the highest international trade year in its 77-year history and the second highest year for domestic and international freight combined, according to newly-compiled data by the Southern California port…(Read Full Article) 

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