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  • by BPC Staff
  • on August 12, 2014

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French Distraction
By Chris Philips
Managing Editor
Last month a civilian airliner was shot down over Eastern Ukraine, killing almost 300 civilian passengers and crew. In the wake of the tragedy, the Obama administration and Congress have loudly and repeatedly condemned the action but so far have provided no other concrete response, while declining requests from the Ukraine government for military aid. Meanwhile, US commentators from both sides of the political aisle have taken to condemning the sale by France of a new Mistral-class warship to Russia….(More) 

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Stockton Port Suspending Marine Highway Ops
by Mark Edward Nero
The Port of Stockton says it’s transitioning its M-580 Marine Highway demonstration project from a weekly offering to an “as-needed” service effective Sept. 1, due to difficulties in making the project work financially….(Read Full Article) 


Crowley Tug Crew Extinguishes Shoreside Blaze
by Mark Edward Nero
The mariners aboard the Crowley Maritime Corp. tugboat Sesokrecently extinguished a dangerous blaze on the shores of Pilot Point, Alaska, a fishing village along the Yukon River…..(Read Full Article) 


USS Constellation Sets Sail on Final Voyage
by Mark Edward Nero
The Foss Maritime vessel Corbin Foss has begun towing the Kitty Hawk-class aircraft carrier USS Constellation on a 16,000 mile journey through the straits of Magellan to Brownsville, Texas, where the ship is to be scrapped…(Read Full Article) 


USDA Refuses to Supply Vancouver Grain Inspectors
by Mark Edward Nero
The US Dept. of Agriculture on Aug. 7 sent a letter to a Port of Vancouver USA grain terminal operator criticizing both the tenant and port for its handling of a situation involving picketing longshore workers and alleged intimidation of federal grain inspectors….(Read Full Article) 

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