ACWA Regulatory Advisory: Urban Water Suppliers Must Meet SWRCB Aug. 15 Deadline

  • by BPC Staff
  • on August 12, 2014

State Water Board Opens Online Reporting Portal for Water Production Data Urban Water Suppliers Must Meet Aug. 15 Deadline

The State Water Resources Control Board issued the following statement Aug. 11 that outlines the protocol for submitting water production data as required under new emergency regulations: 


Dear Urban Water Supplier;

As you are probably aware, the State Water Board adopted emergency regulations for water conservation that became effective on July 29, 2014. The regulations require urban water suppliers serving more than 3,000 connections to report monthly water production data. Wholesale water suppliers that do not serve any retail customers do not need to submit monitoring reports.

The monitoring report must include the amount of potable water the urban water supplier produced, including water provided by a wholesaler, in the preceding calendar month and compare that amount to the amount produced in the same calendar month in 2013. Following is a link to the online reporting tool that should be used to submit your data:<>

The first time that you use the tool you will need to register and create a password.  Monitoring reports must be submitted on the fifteenth of each month with the first report due on August 15th, 2014. For your initial report, please submit information for both June and July 2014.

Beginning October 15, 2014, urban water suppliers will also be required to submit estimates of water use in gallons per capita day for their residential customers (R-GPCD). Additional guidance on how to report R-GPCD is forthcoming.

Additional information on the emergency regulations for water conservation can be found at the following link:<>

Should you have any questions regarding the reporting tool, please contact:

Eric Oppenheimer, (916) 445-5960<>

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