Bay Trail 25th Anniversary & Launch of Smartphone App for Marina Bay

  • by BPC Staff
  • on June 16, 2014

Click on the following link for the Bay Area Monitor covering the 25th Anniversary of the Richmond Bay Trail and the launch of the App for the Marina Bay: Bay_Area_Monitor_Bay_Trail_25th

Richmond Bay Trail Network

“Bay Trail Strides into 25th Year” is the title of the attached article from the Bay Area Monitor published by the League of Women Voters. It highlights the city of Richmond in stating:

“Some of the project’s most recent steps forward have been made in Richmond, which already boasts the most Bay Trail miles (32) of any municipality. In April, the city served as venue for both a ceremonial trail groundbreaking at Breuner Marsh and a press conference for the Chevron Corporation’s donation of a trail easement along Point Molate.

“… navigating around industrial sites represents one challenge to finishing the project. However, cooperative solutions can allow hikers and heavy machinery to coexist harmoniously — as in Richmond, where one prominent piece of the Bay Trail circumvents a recycling facility and wastewater treatment ponds. According to Thompson, these sorts of arrangements require “striking a balance between providing the public with shoreline access and not impacting operations.”

Richmond also was singled out as a regional model during Bay Trail 25th anniversary celebrations held at both the Bay Model in Sausalito and the Rosie the Riveter/WWII Home Front National Historical Park (NHP) in Richmond. Addressing these audiences, TRAC Chair Bruce Beyaert credited Richmond’s Bay Trail successes to partnerships forged between the City & Port of Richmond, East Bay Regional Park District, TRAC and the private sector

Richmond was selected for release of the first Bay Trail smart phone audio tour. This tour takes you along the Bay Trail from the NHP Visitor Center to Shimada Friendship Park while stopping at key sites along the way to hear Doug McConnell relate stories about Richmond’s contributions to the WWII Home Front. To take the tour, download the “Point by Canogle” app (available for iPhone and Android phones) and use the app to find the “Richmond Homefront Heroes” tour. The audio tour was developed through a partnership between the Bay Trail Project, National Park Service, Canogle & Convergence Media, and funded by the California Coastal Conservancy.

Stay tuned for the Richmond Bay Trail MId Year Report to be sent out in early July featuring new trail sections built, construction bids advertised & awarded, design studies launched and easements granted.