Chevron Richmond Proud to Support Effort to Help Richmond Children Stay Healthy and to Provide Workforce Development Training

  • by BPC Staff
  • on May 19, 2014

Chevron Richmond Proud to Support Effort to Help Richmond Children Stay Healthy and to Provide Workforce Development Training 

Families in North Richmond will now have access to vital health services for children and much-needed home remediation services through a unique economic development project funded by a grant from Chevron U.S.A. Inc. (Chevron Richmond).

The Family Sustainability Project is a holistic program that addresses issues of chronic unemployment, economic hardship around housing and access to quality healthcare. The project is a collaborative effort between Community Energy Services Corporation and the Prescott-Joseph Center for Community Enhancement, Inc., which adopts a comprehensive approach to address the cycle of poverty, recognizing the link between a community’s economic viability and the physical health of its residents.

The program includes a Breathmobile® that will visit schools and childcare centers throughout the North Richmond community to provide much-needed healthcare access for students with respiratory illness. The Breathmobile® is designed to identify chronic health issues in children with moderate to severe respiratory illness. Studies have shown that similar programs in other parts of the country reduced hospitalizations for school-age children by as much as 80 percent, making it possible for these students to perform better in school without frequent interruption.   

Additionally, the Breathmobile® will refer families of children with moderate-to-severe respiratory illness to the Community Energy Services Corporation (CESC), which will provide home remediation services to remove asthma triggers. CESC visits include consultations with the student’s parents or guardian on ways to improve the home environment and eliminate triggers that cause asthma attacks, including mold, dust, dirt and rodents, among others.

The program also includes workforce development and training.  Four people will receive hands-on and classroom training, along with career development skills and career assistance to achieve fulltime employment. Through this project, they will gain an understanding of the skills required to perform home remediation jobs and much needed practical experience. Additionally, the program will be offering internships to Medical Assistant and RN students on the Breathmobile® and paid internships to new graduates from a Medical Assistant and/or RN program.

Chevron Richmond is proud to invest in the Family Sustainability Project and empower families in North Richmond by supporting the community organizations and programs that reach people in need. The project is transforming communities by providing access to vital health services for children and families and providing much needed home remediation services.

To learn more about the Breathmobile® and the Family Sustainability Project, click here. Find out how Chevron Richmond is supporting meaningful programs in this community here

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