What Is The Blue Economy? A Monterey Bay International Trade Association Event

  • by BPC Staff
  • on April 22, 2014
Monterey Bay International Trade Association
What is the Blue Economy?
 A message from the Monterey Bay International Trade Association

The world’s economic system in the past 100 years has been exploitative and damaging to the global  environment.  The oceans in our world have been repeatedly damaged exceeding the capacity of nature to defend itself with the ‘blue economy affecting every aspect of our business and personal lives.


For the past 20 years the Monterey Bay region, which is the home of the largest marine  sanctuary in the U.S., and headquarters to 30 different marine science organizations, have been researching, educating and developing  various global blue economy challenges with solutions, technology, products and expertise.  


Come join us on April 25th in Seaside, California in the Monterey Bay of California as the ‘blue economy’ takes center stage with an introduction to the global business opportunities in trade and investment that the Monterey Bay marine science community can now share with the rest of the world.