The Aquarium of the Bay: Voyage to the Bottom of the Bay

  • by BPC Staff
  • on March 12, 2014

To the Bay and Ocean Community,

This will be an informative and fun session using computer imagery to fly under the waters of San Francisco Bay, to learn about the marine life that lives there, and to hear about the issues involved with keeping the Bay healthy. At this event, we will also honor a legend in ocean engineering and management-Orville T. Magoon. Hope to see you there.

Brian Baird, Director, Ocean and Coastal Program
The Bay Institute/Aquarium of the Bay

March 26 at the 

Aquarium of the Bay Theater, PIER 39 

Voyage to the 

Bottom of the Bay



RECEPTION: 5:30 pm
: 6:30 pm



Main program

A Peek under the Bay – The Bay Environs

Patrick Barnard, U.S. Geological Survey

Patrick will provide an underwater visualization and will literally fly us through the waters of the Bay and outer coast. He will describe the bottom, what it is made of, and how it has evolved over time.

What Creatures Live In Our Bay?

Christina J. Slager, Aquarium of the Bay

Christina will talk about the diverse marine life in the Bay from the Bay floor to the surface.

She’ll discuss fishes, sevengill sharks, harbor porpoises, and more.

The Bay Today: How It Has Changed?

Brenda Goeden, San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission

Brenda will describe key features about the bay, how it has been modified, and what we know about it today.  She will provide an overview of some of the issues regarding the flood control channels,

navigational dredging, aggregate mining, levees, and diked baylands.

Special Event

Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation

Orville T. Magoon, Coastal Engineer and Visionary