WEDA Environmental Excellence Awards

  • by BPC Staff
  • on February 4, 2014

Nominations are now open for the 2014 WEDA Environmental Excellence Awards.
Two awards will be made in 2014: one for a navigation dredging project and one for an environmental dredging project. These Awards will be presented for projects and their team members that best meet the goals of WEDA’s Environmental Commission:

“Promote communication and understanding of environmental issues and stimulate new solutions associated with dredging and placement of dredged materials such that dredging projects, including navigation and environmental dredging, are accomplished in an efficient manner while meeting environmental goals.”

The WEDA Environmental Excellence Award Process and Criteria are HERE IN PDF.

Nominations are due by April 18, 2014, to WEDA’s Environmental Commission Chair Craig Vogt.
Craig Vogt
Craig Vogt Inc.
Ocean and Coastal Environmental Consulting
Hacks Neck, VA 23358

Please send your nomination in pdf format to Please direct questions to Craig Vogt. 
Please forward a copy to the WEDA Executive Office at

The WEDA Environmental Excellence Award will be presented at WEDA 34 & Texas A&M 45 in Toronto, Canada. Please bookmark for up-to-date award information and to view the winning submissions from 2013.