California Rapid Assessment Method Training Sessions

  • by BPC Staff
  • on February 5, 2014

Announcing 2014 CRAM Training Sessions

The California Rapid Assessment Method for wetlands (CRAM) training sessions for 2014 have been scheduled for locations across the state, and registration is now open. Training sessions will provide the skills necessary to consistently conduct accurate wetland assessments, and will provide guidance on the use of CRAM for ambient and project assessment and monitoring.

Visit the CRAM website for additional details and registration


April 7-11  |  Costa Mesa, CA  |  5-day Practitioner Training
May 5-7  |  Rocklin, CA  |   3-day Vernal Pool Training
May 19-23  |  Richmond, CA  |   5-day Practitioner Training
June 2-6  |  Moss Landing, CA  |  5-day Practitioner Training
June 23-27  |  Sacramento, CA  |  5-day Practitioner Training
August 11-15  |  Moss Landing, CA  |  5-day Practitioner Training

Visit the updated CRAM and EcoAtlas websites.