The Future is Urban: SPUR’s Annual Report

  • by BPC Staff
  • on November 14, 2013
November 2013 News

SPUR’s Annual Report: The Future Is Urban

The majority of the world’s population now resides in cities. This presents great challenges — and great opportunities for making a better world. Cities allow us to minimize our carbon footprint. They nurture innovation of all kinds. And they support a culture of diversity. Our annual report explores the potential of cities to solve the problems of our time. We invite you to learn more about the work we did this year in support of this vision.
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Seeking Upward Mobility for Low-Wage Workers

Middle-wage jobs are becoming scarcer as more and more job growth takes place at the high and low ends of the wage scale. How can we rebuild an economy with upward mobility for workers at the bottom? SPUR’s ongoing work on the Bay Area’s Economic Prosperity Strategy looks at ways to help low- and moderate-wage workers move up the career ladder. Who are these workers, and how do they differ from other wage groups? What are the barriers they face in moving up? And where are the opportunities to be found? Our blog series explores what we’ve uncovered so far.
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Greener and Better Roofs

Many cities around the world have incentives and even regulations requiring green roofs in new construction. San Francisco lags substantially behind others such as Portland, New York, Chicago and Toronto in both green-roof policy and in on-the-roof implementation. This report considers what can be done to support the development and broader implementation of green roofs in San Francisco.
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Now Online: Hear Our Sold-Out “99% Invisible” Show

For those who missed our sold-out 99% Invisible event, it is now available online as a podcast. The radio show, hosted by Roman Mars, looks at aspects of design and architecture that typically go unnoticed in daily life. Mars’ live performance at SPUR, inspired by our Unbuilt San Francisco exhibition, explored rejected development proposals and poked fun at examples of bad design (including a hilarious bit on San Francisco’s official flag). 
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Nimble Ways to Remake City Streets

Many of the principles that make for safe highways make for dangerous, dysfunctional city streets. But a new manual released by the National Association of City Transportation Officials could provide a safer urban alternative. The Urban Street Design Guide is a blueprint for designing 21st-century streets where people can walk, bike, drive, park, take transit and socialize.
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Thank You for Joining the 2013 Silver SPUR Awards

Thank you to all who joined us in celebrating this year’s Silver SPUR honorees on October 23. The 53rd annual ceremony honored four individuals whose lifetime achievements have made our city and region a better place to live and work. We offer special thanks to our sponsors and to our event chair, Ken McNeely and AT&T California. See photos of the event >>

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