Pacific Maritime Magazine News Online, November 1, 2013

  • by BPC Staff
  • on November 1, 2013
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Seattle Mayoral Candidate Outlines Industrial Agenda


By Mark Edward Nero  


Seattle mayoral candidate Ed Murray has released a detailed agenda for industrial growth, one in which he calls the city’s maritime sector a significant part of the city’s economic base and outlines four goals for the sector’s long-term health.

The goals outlined include development and implementation of a plan for fright mobility and safety in industrial areas; and encouraging the development new research/manufacturing/retail businesses and high-precision manufacturing businesses in industrial areas.

“If the City was able to promote the development of life sciences and technology in South Lake Union, there is no reason the City cannot do the same with high-precision, high value manufacturing and with hybrid manufacturing/retail small businesses,” the plan reads in part.

Other goals outlined include the creation of opportunities for energy efficiency and environmental cleanup; and vocational training in STEM related fields relevant to Seattle’s industrial economy…. (See the complete plan here) 


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