A Message from the State Water Resources Control Board

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  • by BPC Staff
  • on November 21, 2013


The deadline for submitting comments on the Water Boards’ Groundwater Workplan Concept Paper has been extended from Friday, December 6, to Wednesday, December 18, 2013.  Please provide comments to Eric Oppenheimer at eric.oppenheimer@waterboards.ca.gov.


Background Information:


Groundwater Workplan Concept Paper Available


The Water Boards are in the process of developing a workplan that aligns its current groundwater protection efforts and potential actions that the Water Boards could pursue with the ongoing actions of other entities with groundwater management responsibilities. A concept paper has been developed to describe a proposed workplan framework under which the Water Boards’ groundwater activities would be organized. The State Water Board is interested in your thoughts on the relevance of the proposed framework for groundwater management as well as its applicability to groundwater-related programs statewide. The concept paper provides a starting point for discussion and solicits input on a range of groundwater management issues. The State Water Board is interested in meeting with various interests over the next several months to continue the dialogue on the proposed framework, and the combination of existing and proposed actions described in the concept paper.


A copy of the concept paper and additional reference materials can be found at the following website: