Pacific Maritime Magazine News Online, September 25, 2013

  • by BPC Staff
  • on September 25, 2013
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Arctic Access: Project Cargo for Resource Extraction


By Dermot Loughnane  


Almost everything you’ve heard about the melting Arctic is wrong.

How can I possibly say that? Everything in the press of late would indicate that the Northwest Passage (NWP) between the North Slope of Alaska and the eastern part of the Canadian Arctic will soon be overrun with all manner of ships, especially container ships taking advantage of the shorter distance….. (Read Full Article) 


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PMM Online, Tuesday, September 24, 2013:

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Study: Port of Tacoma Can Handle Ultra-Large Ships

by Mark Edward Nero

A study commissioned at the prompting of several containership lines calling at the Washington United Terminal at the Port of Tacoma has determined that the port’s Blair Waterway is capable of handling ultra-large container ships, as long as certain conditions are followed….(Read Full Article)



LA Port Scraps Cargo Fee

by Mark Edward Nero

The Port of Los Angeles has decided to eliminate a container fee that was created – but never implemented – in 2008 to help finance major rail, highway and bridge improvement projects….(Read Full Article)


Redwood City Port Plans Meetings on Proposed Plant

by Mark Edward Nero


The Port of Redwood City plans to hold two public meetings regarding a clean technology company’s proposal to build a pilot plant industrial facility that would use natural gas and electricity to produce sample quantities of carbon black and hydrogen…(Read Full Article)




Vancouver Port Welcomes Ship’s Maiden Voyage to US

by Mark Edward Nero


The Port of Vancouver USA recently welcomed the 636-foot long, 95-foot wide general cargo ship AAL Hong Kong on her maiden voyage to the United States…(Read Full Article)