2013 Workshop Series Overview


Bay Planning Coalition leads by bringing key players together to develop solutions that keep bay projects moving and working to produce more jobs. Our efforts support our mission to ensure that commerce, recreation, and the natural environment thrive in the San Francisco Bay-Delta region.

BPC’s Workshop Series 2013 will include four workshops held to provide a forum for constructive dialogue on Bay management topics that require conversation, collaboration, problem-solving and action.

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BPC’s 2013 Working Series Lineup:

June 6, 2013    Workshop #1: Cap and Trade: How it Works, and How to Make it Work for Business

In order to comply with AB32, California has begun a cap and trade program as one of its strategies to meet its stated goals of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions. This workshop will discuss what has been learned so far from the first year of cap and trade auctions, and explore strategies for businesses to comply with this important legislation while also continuing to grow and prosper in our region. Learn more … (event details, speakers, video, etc…)

  •  URS, 1333 Broadway, 8th Floor, Oakland, CA

September 12, 2013    Workshop #2: Energy and Water Nexus Summit II

This workshop will continue the dialogue that began at last year’s popular Energy and Water Nexus Summit I about the public policy considerations, innovations and obstacles around the issues of supply, demand and nexus of water and energy and the decisions in these realms that can impact the economic vitality of the greater San Francisco Bay Region.   Learn more here….

  • Aquarium of the Bay, Pier 39, San Francisco

POSTPONED –   Workshop #3: Ocean Planning: How Will it Affect the Maritime Industry?

Postponed to February 12, 2014

Ocean Planning is vitally important to protecting the health of our oceans and the viability of industries that depend on ocean resources. It can also mean increased restrictions and regulations, with potential impacts on maritime trade and the wider economy. This workshop will examine the planning currently taking place, and develop awareness of possible impacts to maritime trade, what we need to do to protect the maritime industry, and how the maritime industry can contribute to the ocean planning process.

  • Aquarium of the Bay, Pier 39, San Francisco

November 15, 2013     Workshop #4: Dredging and Wetlands Restoration: Who Pays for Beneficial Reuse?

To promote greater trade opportunities and more quality jobs, dredging is critical to the ability to move goods into and out of our ports. There are beneficial ways to reuse dredged material, such as the South Bay Salt Ponds Restoration Project. In order to best benefit the economy and the environment, who should pay for the placement of this beneficially reused material?

  •  URS, 1333 Broadway, 8th Floor, Oakland, CA



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