Pacific Maritime Magazine News Online, August 6, 2013

  • by BPC Staff
  • on August 6, 2013
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Congressional Representation


By Chris Philips 


Washington State’s Junior Senator, Maria Cantwell (D) has perked up the ears of the maritime community with recent comments about the Jones Act. At a hearing of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee on July 16th, the senator called for greater transparency in gasoline markets and refinery shutdowns. Senator Cantwell highlighted a new report demonstrating that West Coast gasoline prices have broken from historic trends since April 2012. The senator noted that in Washington State, prices had risen 9 cents in the past week and were 27 cents higher than the national average. “Washington state prices are among some of the highest in the nation,” she said, noting that last year’s West Coast refinery fire was unfairly blamed for a spike in prices (see Pacific Maritime Magazine, September 2012) saying, “My constituents want to see more transparency there. Hamburger probably has more regulation on it than gasoline.” …… (Read Full Article)


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Port of Tacoma Settles Wetlands Damage Case

by Mark Edward Nero

The Port of Tacoma and two contractors have agreed to pay a $500,000 penalty and restore wetland habitat to compensate for alleged violations of the Clean Water Act that damaged valuable Puget Sound wetlands…(Read Full Article)



Chevron Settles Refinery Fire Case

by Mark Edward Nero

Chevron Corp. on August 5 agreed to provide $2 million in fines and restitution to settle legal actions resulting from a fire that took place at its Richmond, California refinery one year ago today…(Read Full Article)



Freighter Detained Due to Safety Violations

by Mark Edward Nero


The US Coast Guard last week detained the Hong Kong-flagged container ship Great Success, requiring the vessel to remain at the Port of Longview because of numerous safety violations, the USCG revealed August 2…(Read Full Article)



China Reveals Shipbuilding Industry Revival Plan

by Mark Edward Nero


China, home of the world’s biggest shipbuilding market, has revealed a three-year plan to restructure its shipbuilding industry in order to help end a prolonged slump…(Read Full Article)