Pacific Maritime Magazine News Online, August 30, 2013

  • by BPC Staff
  • on August 30, 2013
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North Korean Ship Carrying Cuban Arms Intercepted by Panama


By Emily Keyes 


An incident involving the transportation of Cuban owned Soviet-era weapons aboard a shady North Korean flagged vessel that was detained by Panamanian officials, complete with a rioting crew and suicidal captain, sounds more like a film plot for a movie during the Cuban Missile Crisis than a news brief in 2013. (Warning the following is not a screenplay for the next Hollywood hit movie.) 


The North Korean flagged cargo ship Chong Chon Gang, which had left the Russian Pacific in June, drew suspicion and international surveillance as she made her voyage through the Panama Canal and then “disappeared” on her way to Cuba, as a result of the vessel’s satellite tracking system being intentionally shut off, only to reappear at the Panama Canal on July 10, 2013.” 


The Chong Chon Gang has a checkered past of illegal drug and arms trafficking … (Read Full Article)


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Federal Judge Rules in Port of Portland
Labor Dispute

by Mark Edward Nero

A federal administrative law judge on Aug. 28 issued a ruling ordering the International Longshore & Warehouse Union to stop disrupting operations at the ICTSI terminal at the Port of Portland, where there’s been an ongoing …(Read Full Article)



Alaska-Based Magone Marine Services
Bought Out

by Mark Edward Nero

Western Alaska-based Magone Marine Services has agreed to be acquired by Resolve Marine Group, a marine services company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The newly formed business will be named…(Read Full Article)



Long Beach Port Issues $2.6 Million
in Anti-Pollution Grants

by Mark Edward Nero


The Port of Long Beach is issuing $2.6 million in community grants to local anti-air pollution efforts, which is slated to go toward 32 projects, including air-filtering systems for schools and parks, health education …(Read Full Article)



Ferries Conference Early Bird Deadline Near

by Mark Edward Nero


Wed., Sept. 4 is the early bird deadline for the 2013 Philips Publishing Group Ferries Conference, taking place in Seattle near the end of next month….(Read Full Article)