Interagency Ecological Program Management Analysis and Synthesis Team (MAST) Report

  • by BPC Staff
  • on July 22, 2013

A Message from the Interagency Ecological Program:

The draft MAST report, an updated conceptual model for delta smelt: our evolving understanding of an estuarine fish, is now available for public review and comment.  This technical report is intended to assess delta smelt responses to recent changes in habitat conditions due to hydrology and management actions. 

To have comments considered, written reviews must:

  • Identify all authors of the review comments (name, affiliation, email address);
  • Clearly identify draft report sections using the line numbers in the draft report for all comments on specific draft report sections; if multiple authors contributed to the review comments, also identify which author(s) commented on specific sections;
  • As much as possible, address the review questions listed in Section III. (page 6) of the attached 2013 MAST Report Process document;
  • Be submitted by or before August 30, 2013;
  • Not exceed 10 pages (12 pt. font, single spaced);
  • Be submitted as an electronic file (preferred: MS Word document) named “[your/your group’s name]_2013MASTreportreview;”
  • Be sent as an email attachment to . Write “[your/your group’s name] 2013MAST Report Review” in the email subject line. Do not include any review comments in the body of the email message.

Note that a few figures are missing at this time, and we acknowledge that others need revisions for improved readability and to standardize formats.  All of this information will be posted to the IEP website tomorrow.   

MAST Draft for Public Review

MAST Figures for Public Review

MAST Report Process