ACWA Advisory: Chromium-6 Communications Toolkit Availbale to ACWA Members

  • by BPC Staff
  • on July 11, 2013

July 10, 2013

Chromium-6 Communications Toolkit Available to ACWA Members

As you may know, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is expected to release a draft drinking water standard for chromium-6 later this month.

To help member agencies prepare, ACWA has produced a communications toolkit with materials for use in educating the public about the draft maximum contaminant level, or MCL, for chromium-6.

The toolkit, available online, includes a two-page FAQ sheet as well as talking points for water agencies to use in public outreach about the new draft MCL. The background materials include information about the different types of chromium and its uses, as well as the process CDPH uses in setting an MCL.

ACWA encourages members to use the materials in educating customers and others about the nation’s first drinking water standard for chromium-6. The materials have been vetted with ACWA’s Joint Water Quality / Communications Work Group, which brings together expertise from both the technical and communications arenas.

The FAQ sheet and talking points are geared for the layperson. ACWA also has updated its website with more extensive background information on chromium-6. ACWA members may use the more extensive material should some members of the public want more in-depth information.

CDPH is expected to release a draft MCL for chromium-6 for a 45-day comment period during which members of the public may submit written feedback on the proposal. The department will take the public feedback and respond to each comment. It is possible the proposed MCL could change and then be recirculated for more public comment before a final MCL is set.

ACWA will update members when the draft MCL is released and redistribute the toolkit with the actual MCL number in place.

For questions about the content of the material contact Danielle Blacet at or 916-441-4545. For questions about communications strategy contact ACWA Communications Director Lisa Lien-Mager at or 916-441-4545.