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Not So Fast


By Marilyn Raia


The propulsion issue of this magazine is a good place to examine the law pertaining to vessel speed. A vessel’s speed may be governed by federal, state and/or local law depending on where the vessel is being operated. This article focuses on speed basics under federal law.

The Basic Federal
Speed Law

The International Rules for Prevention of Collisions at Sea and the United States Inland Navigation Rules address vessel speed. They both have the same basic speed rule. Rule 6 requires every vessel at all times to “proceed at a safe speed so that she can take proper and effective action to avoid collision and be stopped within a distance appropriate to the prevailing circumstances and conditions.” The term “collision” is interpreted broadly and includes a vessel’s wake striking another vessel.

Rule 6 does not define “safe” but does identify some factors to be taken into account when determining what a safe speed is. The factors are well-founded in common sense. They include: 1) visibility; 2) density of vessel traffic… (Read Full Article)

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Yang Ming Extends LA Terminal Lease

by Mark Edward Nero

Marine transport company Yang Ming has agreed to extend its lease at the Port of Los Angeles for an additional nine years, the port revealed May 30. …(Read Full Article)


Vigor Industrial, Community College Launching Industrial Training Center

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Vigor Industrial is partnering with South Seattle Community College to launch an industrial training center this week at the Harbor Island shipyard in Seattle….(Read Full Article)


Shipping Lines Receive POLB Environmental Awards

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Twenty shipping lines that have engaged in efforts to improve air quality locally by slowing down or deploying cleaner vessels – or both – were honored by the Port of Long Beach during the port’s annual Green Flag and Green Ship awards luncheon May 30…(Read Full Article)

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ACX Remains Leading US Hay Exporter

by Mark Edward Nero


ACX Pacific Northwest was the leading US exporter of alfalfa and grass hay in 2012, the third straight year it was tops in the category…(Read Full Article)