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  • by BPC Staff
  • on June 21, 2013
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Using LNG as Fuel


By Louis Lemos


Despite their several years of experience with various grades of Diesel fuel, an appropriate level of readiness will be required of all those crew members newly involved with bunkering and monitoring of LNG fuel aboard ship. While traditional bunkering procedures are required to be followed to ensure maximum security and safety, the requirements for LNG bunkering are even more rigid. For instance, given that each flange or coupling connection is a potential spillage hazard, requiring absolute caution in connecting/disconnecting, the number of such connections should be held to a minimum. Furthermore, the LNG Bunkering Rules and Procedures shall include a mandatory “Emergency Shut-Down Procedure” (ESD), drill to be practiced periodically….. (Read Full Article)

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State Legislature Recognizes Tug Crew for Emergency Rescue Effort

by Mark Edward Nero

The captain and crew of Crowley Maritime’s Prevention and Response (PRT) tug Alert were recently recognized by Alaska State Legislature Rep. Eric Feige for their response during the emergency rescue tow of the drill barge Kulluk off the southern point of Kodiak Island…(Read Full Article)


Nicaragua Canal Project Gets a Developer

by Mark Edward Nero

The attempt to build an alternative to the Panama Canal became a bit closer to reality recently, as the Nicaraguan legislature has approved an exclusive commercial agreement with infrastructure development firm HKND Group to advance the Nicaragua Canal and Development Project…(Read Full Article)


$1 Billion Budget Approved by Long Beach Port

by Mark Edward Nero


Similar to what the adjoining Port of Los Angeles did earlier this month, the Port of Long Beach has approved a $1 billion budget for its upcoming fiscal year…(Read Full Article)

Enavigation 2013 Save the Date



Long Beach Harbor Commissioners Shuffle Roles

by Mark Edward Nero


The Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners on Monday June 17, elected board member Thomas Fields as its President for a one-year term that begins July 1. …(Read Full Article)