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  • by BPC Staff
  • on June 14, 2013
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M-580: California’s Marine Highway


By Mark Edward Nero


For the better part of the past decade, California’s major seaports have sought ways to deal with the ever-growing problem of highway traffic congestion and the resulting increase in air pollution caused partially by port growth. Some ports – those in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland, among them – have instituted comprehensive programs designed to cut down emissions from the drayage trucks that haul goods to and from the docks. Others, such as the Port of San Diego, focus more on environmental initiatives such as the conservation and restoration of plant and animal life in the surrounding areas. But the Port of Stockton, an inland deepwater port about 75 miles northeast of Oakland and 50 miles south of the Port of West Sacramento, has launched a new venture that not only addresses truck traffic and air pollution, but also helps grow business and increase revenue: the M-580 Marine Highway. “This is a goods movement program to alleviate congestion and parallel one very well used and over-used highway corridor. The M-580 is the Marine 580,” Port of Stockton Deputy Director Mark Tollini explained….. (Read Full Article)

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POLB Names Interim Deputy Director

by Mark Edward Nero

After leaving the position open for well over a year, the Port of Long Beach is filling its number two management job, at least temporarily…(Read Full Article)


Three More Groups Sue Over SCIG Project

by Mark Edward Nero

On the heels of a lawsuit filed last week by the City of Long Beach, three groups have filed separate legal actions to try halting development of the $500 million Southern California International Gateway project…(Read Full Article)


New Bulk Goods Terminal Opens at Port of Portland

by Mark Edward Nero


The Archer Daniels Midland Co., commonly known as ADM, has opened a new terminal at the Port of Portland for transferring liquid and dry bulk sweetener products from railcars to trucks for delivery to food customers in the Northwest U.S…(Read Full Article)

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Pacific Northwest Ports Update Clean Air Strategy

by Mark Edward Nero


The ports in Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver, British Columbia say they’re setting goals to reduce diesel emissions by 75 percent per ton of cargo by 2015 and 80 percent by 2020 and that combined with projected cargo growth, this could result in overall reductions of 70 percent by 2015 and 75 percent by 2020…(Read Full Article)