President’s Office Releases Administration Policy on WRDA, S. 601

  • by BPC Staff
  • on May 7, 2013

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The Office of President today released a Statement of Administration Policy on S. 601 – Water Resources Development Act of 2013. The Administration expressed several significant concerns with S. 601, related to spending controls, transparency and the increase in Federal versus non-Federal responsibilities.

Clearly the Administration does not understand the importance of S. 601, introduced by Senators Boxer and Vitter.  The goal of this legislation (WRDA) is to correct the errors of this and past Administrations who have raided the Harbor Maintenance  Trust Fund for years and have put our ports and harbors at an economic disadvantage.

Notwithstanding the Administration’s position statement, support for WRDA in Congress remains strong. 


John A. Coleman

Executive Director

Bay Planning Coalition


Read the Administration Policy on WRDA, S. 601, here