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Fidley Watch: Vado a Bordo


By Chris Philips, Managing Editor, PMM


Get on board. These are the words Francesco Schettino heard as he stood on the jetty in the small town of Giglio and watched as his ship sank 500 yards away.


Last month an Italian Court began considering whether Francesco Schettino, captain of the Costa Concordia, will face trial for the 2012 disaster grounding off Tuscany that killed 32 people. Schettino is accused of manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and abandoning the ship before all the 4,200 passengers and crew had been evacuated. At least 30 passengers died – two are missing and presumed dead.


Schettino ordered the ship taken off course to bring it closer to the island of Giglio as a favor to friends, but hit a reef off the island, leaving a 230-foot gash in the hull and causing the liner to capsize.... (Read Full Article)

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SoCal Ports’ Efficiency Deliberated at Town Hall Meeting

by Mark Edward Nero

The efficiency of the Los Angeles/Long Beach port complex and how that efficiency – or lack thereof — effects its competitiveness were the subject of a town hall-style meeting on the campus of California State University Long Beach on May 15….(Read Full Article)

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POLA Container Volumes Drop for Second Straight Month

by Mark Edward Nero


The Port of Los Angeles’ April 2013 overall volumes decreased 9.45 percent compared to April 2012, according to newly-released data, with the decrease being attributed in large part to a vessel service that shifted out of LA…(Read Full Article)

Arctic Conference


Long Beach Monthly Cargo Volumes Continue Rising Trend

by Mark Edward Nero


The year 2013 is turning out to be a good one so far at the Port of Long Beach when it comes to cargo volumes: overall cargo at the port rose by 12.5 percent in April 2013, continuing this year’s trend of steadily increasing activity at the docks…(Read Full Article)



Port Metro Vancouver Monthly Traffic Rises

by Mark Edward Nero


Port Metro Vancouver, Canada’s largest seaport, saw a total of 233,334 TEUs in April 2013, a slight jump from the 229,055 TEUs that port terminals saw during the same month in 2012, according to newly released data….(Read Full Article)