Message from the EPA / National Center for Environmental Research

  • by BPC Staff
  • on May 2, 2013

The U.S. EPA Office of the Science Advisor published a notice in the Federal Register (May 1, 2013) requesting information on methods for cumulative risk assessment (CRA). The notice requests information on and citations for CRA methods that have been employed to date, and approaches that could assist the Risk Assessment Forum (RAF) Technical Panel on Cumulative Risk in the development of CRA methods. The information will be used to inform the Panel in development of guidelines for CRA.  EPA will be accepting submissions to the docket beginning May 1, and ending June 28, 2013.


Text of the Federal Register notice is available here:


Following recommendations from the National Research Council and EPA’s Science Advisory Board, the RAF Technical Panel on Cumulative Risk was charged to develop guidelines for CRA. The 2003 Framework for Cumulative Risk Assessment (Full text: synthesized the agency’s early insights and was a milestone in laying a foundation for the guidelines. EPA is now drafting guidelines for CRA and seeks to obtain information on methods for cumulative risk in support of the development of these guidelines. EPA requests that members of the public with information and citations on methods or approaches for planning, problem formulation, analysis, risk characterization and communication of CRA please provide it to the EPA docket following the directions provided above in the link to the Federal Register Notice.


Please contact Lawrence Martin (<>), Science Coordinator on the Risk Assessment Forum Cumulative Risk Technical Panel, with any questions.