Delta Vision Strategic Plan Evaluation

  • by BPC Staff
  • on May 6, 2013

The Delta Vision Foundation Invites You to Evaluate Implementation Progress for the Delta Vision Strategic Plan

The Delta Vision Foundation invites your perspectives on the progress and effectiveness of efforts to implement the Delta Vision Strategic Plan and subsequent implementing legislation.  Please take a few moments to help assess the actions of state agencies (Governor’s Administration), Legislature, federal agencies, and stakeholders in implementing the Delta Vision Strategic Plan and achieving the Two Co-Equal Goals of ecosystem restoration and water supply reliability, while preserving and protecting the unique values of the Delta as an evolving place. 

Click here to start the online survey.  Please feel free to forward the online survey link to others who may have valuable perspectives on progress. Your responses will be very valuable input for the 2013 Delta Vision Report Card.  At the same time, DVF staff is gathering information from the Legislative leadership, state and federal agencies, and stakeholders to inform our report.  We have asked each survey participant to provide name, organization, email address, and zip code to assist DVF in evaluating the results.  Your personal information and individual responses will remain confidential. 

In early 2009, the Delta Vision Foundation was formed by members of the Governor’s Delta Vision Blue Ribbon Task Force to encourage implementation of the Delta Vision Strategic Plan and subsequent legislation by monitoring, evaluating and providing information to the public about the progress of the State of California in implementing the Delta Vision recommendations as a set of integrated and linked actions to achieve the co-equal goals:  (1) restore the Delta ecosystem; and (2) ensure water supply reliability.  The DVF conducts ongoing analysis, issues public comment on the State’s progress toward achieving the goals of the Delta Vision Strategic Plan, and presents information to policymakers, stakeholders and the public.  For more background information, please visit the Delta Vision Foundation website.

Thank you in advance for your responses.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at
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