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Port of  Redwood City 



April 22, 2013

For Immediate Release
Mike Giari, Executive Director
Port of Redwood City


Port Makes Presentation to City Council Tonight (April 22) 



The Port of Redwood City Draft 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and Update on the Wharves 1&2 Reconstruction Project will be presented to the Redwood City Council Monday night (April 22) at the council’s 7 pm meeting at City Hall at 1017 Middlefield Road.


You can see the agenda and the reports that will be presented at:



The Port’s 10-year CIP is reviewed and updated annually in conjunction with preparation of the Port’s annual budget. Projects in the CIP for the upcoming fiscal year are incorporated into the Port Budget. The Port’s CIP has costs for projects totaling $36,810,000 over 10 years. These CIP

Projects are divided into four categories:

* Maritime Infrastructure – $31,050,000

* Non-Maritime Infrastructure – $1,610,000

* Recreational Boating – $3,890,000

* Administration – $260,000


Approximately 84 percent of the costs in the Port CIP are for maritime related projects, including the Wharves 1&2 Project, wharf fenders and dolphin replacement, dredging ship berths, and the dredging to deepen the ship Channel. Waterfront construction and maintenance is very capital intensive due to size of projects, specialized equipment, environmental mitigation, etc.


The largest share of the Port’s operating revenue is derived from the shipping and related industrial operations that rely on this maritime infrastructure.


The Wharves 1&2 Reconstruction Project is included in the Port CIP with expenditures in FY13 and FY14. Construction started in August 2012 with the demolition of the old wooden wharf, removal/disposal of over 700 creosoted piles, and demolition of the wharf side Warehouse No. 1. Following demolition, approximately 112 new 24-inch concrete piles were driven “in the mud” to support the new wharf and ramps connecting to shore. Bubble curtains were used during the pile driving to attenuate the noise/vibration impacting fish and the pile driving was completed over 2 weeks before the closing of the “in the Bay” environmental work window.


The pilings will support the new concrete deck of the wharf.. Forms or “false work” is being installed,  to be followed by the pouring in place of the new deck. Single steel pile dolphins have been installed for breasting and tying the ships to the wharf. Walkways have also been installed to provide access to the ship and lines.


The upland construction is in the final engineering and planning stages. The Port and its contractors have meet with PG&E and the City on new electric utilities and water lines.


The new shore side seawall will be approximately 1,000 feet in length and will be high and strong enough to meet 50-year sea level rise and maximum storm surges. It will be constructed with sheet piles,  which reduces the amount of stone “rip rap” that would be needed for alternative types of construction and would be placed in the Bay.






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