A Message from the Port of Redwood City

Important Message from Port of Redwood City

We are not anticipating immediate operational impacts from federal sequestration that began today, March 1, 2013.

According to what we are hearing from our federal partners, there will be no immediate staffing impacts with the beginning of sequestration. (Everything is operating normally.)

The US Customs and Border Protection have a daily role in protecting the security of our seaport. They informed us that there will not be any immediate impacts or in the short term. We understand from US Customs and Border Protection that they plan to keep staffing levels at current capacity for the immediate future.

  • We are closely monitoring our government sources, trade associations and news sources for the latest information on this issue.
  • This situation underscores the critical and essential role that seaports and airports play in driving our nation’s economy and supporting jobs.
  • We look forward to a timely resolution to this matter so that we can ensure the flow of commerce into and out of our region.

Michael J. Giari

Executive Director