SWAMP Workshop on Cyanotoxins in Freshwater Habitats – Tomorrow


Cyanotoxins from harmful algal blooms have been causing problems in a number of water bodies in California, and have resulted in drinking water supply concerns, wildlife and domestic animal deaths, human health risks, and restrictions on shellfish harvesting. In spite of these well-documented problems, no monitoring efforts are in place to routinely screen for harmful algal blooms or associated cyanotoxins in water or organisms in California’s freshwater habitats.

To begin to address this need, the State Water Resources Control Board’s Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program is holding a workshop on November 28 at the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board in Oakland, CA. A series of talks by managers and scientists at the forefront of this issue will be presented.  The workshop is intended to educate managers about the potential harmful effects of cyanotoxins and factors leading to cyanotoxin production.  Space is limited and attendees must register in advance through the Water Board Training Academy.  Although the workshop is set up as a training session for Water Board staff, others are also welcome to attend.  For more information, please go to: