Legislative Alert from the California Association of Sanitation Agencies

  • by BPC Staff
  • on November 7, 2012






What Will a Supermajority in Sacramento Mean to CASA Members?


While the Democrats were expected to gain a couple of seats in the California State Senate to secure the 27 votes needed for a supermajority, the big surprise from last night’s election results is that the Democrats may have been able to pick up enough seats for a supermajority in the State Assembly as well. Preliminary election results this morning indicate the Democrats actually captured 54 seats, giving them the supermajority necessary to pass legislation that requires 2/3 a vote of the Legislature, including taxes and constitutional amendments, with no Republican votes.


What these election results mean for CASA members and the local government community remains uncertain. However, areas in which CASA has often been at odds with the Legislature in the past such as fee increases, property tax shifts and environmental regulations may be impacted by the Democratic supermajority.    


With many new faces coming to Sacramento in December, to be sworn into office, it is imperative that CASA members get to know their new legislators and to let CASA staff know when you have established a relationship. In the coming weeks, CASA will be conducting a survey of our members relative to how well you know your new and incumbent legislators in an effort to utilize existing good relationships and to establish key contacts in critical districts.  


To view all of the election results, please visit the Secretary of State’s website at  www.sos.ca.gov.


CASA’s State Legislative Committee will be addressing the changes in the Legislature and how to strategically approach our issues in this new era.